Culture Medicine was founded in 2009.

Mission Statement:

The primary purposes of Culture Medicine shall be to provide naturopathic physicians and other alternative and complimentary medical practitioners the resource to seek funding and aid to be able to provide the underprivileged international communities with naturopathic and other medical services.

The development and distribution of culturally and age-appropriate educational and informational materials concerning childhood development and wellness, proper nutrition, teen pregnancy, anatomy, physiology, midwifery and other similar aspects of health and wellness for girls, adolescent and adult women, and families, are core aspects of the mission of the Corporation.

Culture Medicine shall also provide free medical care for at risk youth and orphaned children, including, but not limited, to childhood wellness visits, proper nutrition and acute/chronic illness care. The mission of the Corporation is to increase health and wellness awareness for families, provide treatment, and enrich international and local communities with experiences that create cross cultural unity.

Art and music will be used as tools for communication, education, and the expansion of community based learning through the establishment of mentorship programs.

Please visit our Contact and Board Members pages for more information about our team. Thank you!


We would like to kindly thank the following photographers for use of their work across this site, via Creative Commons:

Argonne National Laboratory




:Radar Communication:



Aziz J. Hayat


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