Projects we support:

The Nature Cures Clinic Haiti Medical Relief Project

In mid- 2012, members of Culture Medicine will travel to Limbe, Haiti for a medical service trip. Limbe, a town of about 80,000 people in the north of Haiti, is a medically underserved area with needs that include water purification, sanitation and cholera education, and prenatal, cardiac and primary health care. Culture Medicine will work at the Hopital San Rafael, a clinic that provides free and low-cost medical care to the people of Limbe.

We are currently fundraising for this trip — please consider making a donation by clicking the “Donate” button to your right.  Thank you!

Cholera education signs at the Hopital San Rafael


The Grand Staff Music Mentorship Program

The Grand Staff Music Mentorship Program is the first of the arts and culture programs supported by Culture Medicine in Portland, Oregon. It is a subsidiary of Culture Medicine. The Grand Staff music project was created and directed by Del Costello and brought to fruition by the generous donations of the Portland Schools Foundation, the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Staff board members and the multitude of Portland professional musicians that volunteered their time and skills to teach and perform for the Capitol Hill Elementary students enrolled in the program. 

Students in grades kindergarten through 5th were invited to participate in after school programs created to expose the children to various types of instruments and music styles, gain appreciation for music, and improve music literacy. It is unique to the Portland Public Schools and has become a highly sought after music program in a city where music programs have become nearly extinct within the public school system.


Expansion of Naturopathic Licensure in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Hilary Costello, ND, Hatha Gbedawo, ND and Greg Eckel, ND, LAC are working to develop a naturopathic board of medicine in the U.S. Virgin Islands, in order to offer naturopathic care to low-income families in St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix.


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